If you're on holiday in Whakatane and need chiropractic then you're welcome to come in and see us!!! 


This applies if you:

-have already been receiving chiropractic from another clinic within New Zealand and either need a checkup, or have received a new injury (you may be eligible to claim ACC for your injury which can then be transferred to your regular chiropractor on your return home)

-are an overseas tourist and need a checkup or have injured yourself whilst on holiday

 It's helpful if you have a copy of your x-ray listings or something that Dr Taare can use to inform him about the type of care you have received from your chiropractor. 

If you have received a new injury a consultation and exam will be performed to ensure that you are eligible for chiropractic care.




Walk-ins are always welcome or you can ring prior to arrival to ensure that you are seen promptly.